Writing the “about” description is always the worst.  🙂

We’re Mot and Nej. Married in 2000.

Currently parents to Sam (our young black lab), Isaac (our “old man” scottish terrier), and King Louie (our persnickity, clutzy, and socially introverted cat).

This blog started out as a way to show myself that we aren’t boring…and to keep the family “in the know” of our latest antics.  (riding bikes across the state of Nebraska with zero training…..backpacking for a week northern Minnesota, in the mosquito and downed-tree capital of the US…..etc, etc)

I would say our most popular hobby is collecting.  We’re collectors of hobbies.  You name it, and we most likely have all of the equipment to do it hiding in our basement.  It’s the Dick’s Sporting Goods of basements, let me tell ya.  Kayaking, backpacking, shooting, archery, camping, hiking, golf, kayak water polo, scuba, cycling, running, fencing and so on.  Then add in the other “non sports” hobbies…photography, video games, books, yoga, fly tying, beer brewing, fountain pens……..well, you get the idea.



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